August 2010. Sweat it all out!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Inspiration, Dedication, Perspiration.

The past three months when I wasn’t working, facebooking or watching Glee on Hulu, I was running in preparation for my 5k. I thought it was the most important thing in the world, trying not to be one of THOSE people who talks about running incessantly, trying to work it into any conversation (“Oh, it’s your birthday? I’m running a 5k.” “Oh, men are scum? Yea, I’m running a 5K.”) the month of November began with me nervously excited for the 5k on the 13th.

My world crashed on November 2nd when my mom told me that her mom, my Grandma, had passed away. She was a fabulous spitfire of a woman who was 92 years young and still as fierce as ever right up until a bad fall unfortunately led to one devastating thing after another. I gain solace in the fact that she would have never wanted to spend any more time in a hospital than she had to and now is reunited with my Grandpa.

Major reality check when my mom told me the funeral was the same day as my 5k. No hesitation, I booked my plane tickets immediately. There will be other 5ks.

My Grandma knew I had started running and getting in shape (my mom has a habit of talking about all of her children way more than what any person wants to hear, love her for it.) The funeral was a mixture of emotions, as to be expected, but having all the familes together was truly amazing. I decided, I was going to run my own 5k the next morning, in my Grandma’s honor.

November 14th thus marked the First Annual Becky Mathisen 5K.

Location: Bainbridge Island, WA. It was FREEZING but I have never wanted to run more than I did that morning. I ran the longest I have ever run outdoors at 3.12 miles and I averaged a 10 minute 45 second mile (thanks Nike Wristband!) which is a personal best.

I wanted a photo of myself after my first 5k and I got it! Even if it was my mom taking my photo on our porch with the puppy in the way. It was worth it and I hope my Grandma is proud of me.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Agony and the Becstacy: October Update and Milestones

“Seriously, you need new jeans; those look all baggy and gross.”- Everyone

“Whatever, they do not!”- Me

5 months of working out and October 6th, I considered the fact that I might need new jeans. The following is a TRUE and TMI story.

I’m strutting to the bathroom after hydrating all day (very important!) mentally thought I had unzipped and pulled down said jeans. Turns out, I didn’t unzip at all but STILL pulled them down – hear that boys- jeans should not be removable without a zipper, at least for urination....right?

The details of what happened next are self explanatory but DUDE that was pretty awesome considering 5 months ago, I had to suck it in with spanx to pull those suckers on and STILL ended up wishing everyone a top of the muffin.

Also proves that I don’t listen to ANYONE and just need to figure out things on my own. Smiley Face

Also proves….sigh, that I guess, I supposedly, maybe, perhaps, definitely need new jeans.

****MAJOR MILESTONE ALERT: 10-10-10****

After a not gym appropriate meal of In n Out (note I drank water and didn’t inhale all the fries as I usually do) followed by the most AMAZING Sundae at Ghirardelli Square (note I ate about ¾” of it and ordered it with bananas, obvs REMOVING calories, right?!) on Saturday night, I awoke on Sunday morning feeling fabulous and (hurrah!) hangover free from the debauchery of Friday night (a practice I have been sacrificing for the love of blog, and my waistline). Something was different.

I had this new energy. I had pulled back from running a lot since I had some pain above my right ankle and in my midfoot (no comment!) so I was starting over slow again with increasing my distance about ¼” of a mile every other day. I was up to about 2 miles. This day was different. This day, I RAN THREE MILES. I was a machine. I was on fire. I hadn’t SWEAT that much since….well….nevermind (winky face!).

Since I felt like I had burned 10,000 calories from that run (results not typical) I thought that was an opportune time to take new photos and measurements. So BEHOLD the -notquiteas-HARSH REALITY:

Measurements from 1O/10 and the difference from 7/25.

Thighs: 23" (-1”)

Hips: 36 1/2" (-2.5”)

Waist: 29" (-1”)

Chest: 35 1/2" (-1/2” I want that back, plz!)

Weight: 155 lbs (-7 lbs, with a total of -15 lbs since June!)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

September to Remember

Among the 7 million reasons I have to get in shape (increasing self esteem, more energy, landing a man….) one of the major inital motivators was the trip to Hawaii I took in September with my sister and mother, both about 6 inches shorter and 100 pounds lighter than me….somehow they have the adorbs Irish genes and I am the pillaging Viking. I digress.

Hawaii is a gorgeous, romantic (ahem, unless with aforementioned sister and mother, love them I do, but next time I am definitely going with my future boyfriend and/or paying a male escort), tropical locale that I have been to twice before and never enjoyed it as much as I should have because….BATHING SUITS ARE THE SPAWN OF THE DEVIL! Fact.

So, back in May I said to myself,

“Self, you will land a man – I mean, Self, you are going to Hawaii in 4 months and you WILL wear a bikini and you WILL rock it or at least pretend to because you WILL post your bikini pics on your blog to mark your progress and WILL be discovered by Chelsea Hander AND Ellen and become their BFF!” Fact.

Cut to 4 months later, I still have alot of work to do, but, I feel pretty damn good!

Here I am on the beach in Kauaimuch love to Sister for the sepia tone so no one is blinded by my stomach that hadn’t seen the light of day in a million years!

However, loyal reader(s?), listen up. On a 7 day trip to Hawaii, it is ALWAYS important to apply and reapply and reapply and reapply (and if you are a pale Nordic Princess like me, REAPPLY AGAIN!) sunscreen.

I failed to do this and thus was so burned on DAY 2 that I was reduced to a One Piece bathing suit + tanktop for the rest of the trip. Cruel cruel irony but I didn't let that stop my fierce pose on Waikiki Beach even if it hurt like hell!

Sidenote: My apologies to EVERYONE who had to suffer the aftermath of my peeling skin! I think there is a hot tub in Park City that needs to be replaced. Oops....I mean, Mahalo!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Special K is RIGHT!

We can convince ourselves that we are a size 6…8...22 and go along with that notion until the cows come home (no pun intended....well, in my case, it is SO intented) but the truth of the matter is that:

Jeans Don’t Lie!

With my aplogies in advance, observe the following photos:

The one on the left was me in April of this year on a party trolly for my Birthday.


I know I was the birthday girl and all (and ironically getting action on a semi regular basis - go figure!) but good Lord, this is NOT okay! This takes the expression "top of the muffin to you" to a whole new level. I am even wearing Spanx because I recall drinking until I didn't feel like I was suffocating in them. Happy Birthday to me!

Now, observe the photo on the right, taken at the end of August at my favorite place - besides a party trolly or the Jelly Belly factory - BOOT BARN. Yes, those are the same jeans and (despite the dramatic pose) they are pretty close to fitting me like they are supposed to. Progress. The boots definitely help, but I didn't have an extra $200.oo to spend that day. Next time.

These jeans are a size 10, and I am sure I will be a size 1o for quite some time simply because I had convinced myself that I was never above a size 10. Not acceptable behavior. I am learning more and more each day to love my body and part of that just happens to be because I work out like a crazy person most mornings. If I hated it, I wouldn't do it. I have started a routine and stopped before, but this is the longest I have gone and I am truly loving it and the results I am getting. Having a bestie to blog with and keep me going also helps, I encourage everyone to get a workout buddy, even if they live far away because it keeps you accountable.
Stay tuned for a weight loss update and, gulp, bathing suit photos from my trip to Hawaii. That is a promise AND a threat.
Until next time, America: Work. Work Out. Work It.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dearest Gym,

I realize this may be too soon as we are still getting to know each other. However, every part of me thinks we may have entered into a relationship that will last through out the years; triumphing through the good times and the bad times. I'm aware how irrational I tend to be and I'm not going to lie to you and tell you I haven't felt this way in the past, because I have. Gym, this time it's for real! I want to give you everything I have. I want to be honest with you and my self about what I need from this relationship as well as what I'm willing to give. In the past, this relationship was a bit of a novelty for me; always an exciting new venture that quickly faded into the sidelines of daily life. This time it's different. I've felt the loneliness when we are apart. Not seeing you turned me into an incredibly flabby, insecure women. I've matured since our first experience with each other. I'm adult enough to admit I've made mistakes in the past and giving you my attention and respect for what you do for me now brings me joy and makes me appreciate who I am. I know I'm not the only one Gym. I know about Becky and the countless others, and I know Becky sees you every morning like clock work. I'm ok with this as I know we are on good terms with the fact that I may not be there every morning at the same time to see you but I give you the element of surprise. You appreciate that I see you whenever I have the time, no matter what time of day it is. I want you to know, I'm OK with sharing you. I just hope you give back to us as much as we give to you...

Gym, I don't want to put added pressure on you and scare you away but if I don't share this wonderful news with you, it would make our relationship seem shallow and meaningless. This morning as I was getting ready for work, and of course thinking about your dedication to me, I decided to take a chance and put on the jeans I bought the week before we first met. Remember those? It's been almost a year! I told you about them on our first date. I mentioned how I purchased them hoping our relationship would get me into them. They were my symbol of motivation for making this relationship successful. I know I failed the first couple times around but to quote a great Yogi "It's never too late to start again". I took the Yogi's advice and GUESS WHAT, those jeans fit! I cheated a few months ago and wore then out to an event. However, the pains and struggle to get them on, let alone breath all night was not worth having to hide the muffin top under the spanx ( please note: nothing against spanx, they make the world a better place.) If there is no other solid proof that we really have something here, this is it. Not only did they slip on but they are comfortable, wear all day, breath and eat what you want comfortable! I'm not going to exaggerate the weight loss or pretend I could prance around in these jeans with a bikini top just yet as I've been here before and the muffin is still baking - but this is proof of hope and success on the horizon. Thank you Gym. Thank you for giving me another chance! Thank you for never judging me and for always accepting me back into your life. I look forward to our future together! I can't wait till you see me in those daisy dukes I bought this summer... for next summer.

All my love, sweat and tears,


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Because Blogging about it makes it REAL: Becky WILL become a RUNNER!

7 years ago (no exaggeration) I bought a pair of Nike Shox in the hopes that they would turn me into a runner. Instantly. They didn't.

5 years ago, I shattered my own personal world record by running a whopping....TWO miles.

Being a runner is HARD.

It's time for a new goal. It's time to do something I have always wanted to do but haven't had the courage or energy to do. It's time to run a 5K!

A 5K, roughly 3 miles in American speak, is something that FIT people can run without breaking a sweat, or leg. Something that people do to warm up for a LONG run. Something that I never could imagine myself doing.

I am scared. I am terrified. I SIGNED UP!

This 5K is a part of a weekend of events in GORGEOUS Big Sur, CA including the half marathon that my (as mentioned before) FIT friends are running in. I will be there to cheer them on as I hope at least one will be there to catch me as I throw myself across the finish line!

This will be the longest distance I have EVER run. I am determined to make this 5K my betch, to run it the entire time and to even clock a decent time out of it....well, for me anyway.

**Today was day 1 of Treadmill training (I haven't been on one for longer than 10 minutes in - see above about running two miles 5 YEARS ago) and it was VERY successful in my own humble opinion! I ran ONE WHOLE MILE straight without wanting to pass out and die. I even....good gracious....ENOJOYED it? Could have been the hot man bent over the stationary bike in front of me, or the Tiesto tracks in my headphones but I was filled with euphoria and endorphins and the confidence that I can do this! I have high hopes of mastering the treadmill and then hitting the pavement along the Great Highway of San Francisco as I progress.

I WILL be a runner!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pick Your Battles, with Tana

That glass of wine on the left is mine. That dessert is not.

I've been getting up at least 3 mornings a week - GO ME! While I feel amazing after each morning session, it has yet to get easy. The days I choose to sleep in for work I've gotten to the gym for a late lunch or evening work out. I feel my clothes getting loose and my thighs getting firmer. I see my stomach shrinking very gradually and my overall disposition is a little bit brighter...

When working to get in to one's "skinny" jeans, one starts to examine and over think every bite of nourishment laid in front of one's salivating face. This particular Tuesday night, while out with the ladies, we dined at Clyde Common - the menu was amazing. I started with a local vodka martini - - The conversation ran rampant as G and I waited for or first course, fried chicken liver with raw beets - a rich lovely start. I ate slow and enjoyed each delicious morsel. The main course consisted of grilled lamb, roasted peppers and Israeli cous cous accompanied by a decedent Oregon Pinot. I've been making a conscious effort to really enjoy everything I eat. I've also made a conscious effort to cut my portions in half, no matter how hungry I feel. I leave the table satisfied and can savor the left over for lunch the following day. Picking my battle was positioning myself to indulge in that dessert or drown in another glass of that Pinot. The Pinot won - as it always will. I've tried to plan my days so if I know I'll be having a heavy dinner I make sure my breakfast and lunch are very light.
Tomorrow morning - 630am work out.
Did you get your work out in today?